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The Storm is the final episode of the four-part novel My Memories of a Future Life. Each episode is novella length (one-quarter of the full novel, which is
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Frankly, this is beginning to feel a bit like Childhood Trauma Porn to me. Now she has to have been sold into a child-prostitution ring too? What a mess.

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The ranch lady says Scarlett can observe the program, but not meddle in any way. Lawrence yet. He seems to be a troubled young man — a war vet maybe? What follows is quite possibly the greatest scene in the history of Nashville.

A Storm of Memories - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 46

The troubled teen is still trying to get her horse, Scout, to follow orders. Scout is being stubborn and the troubled teen gets frustrated, sinks to the ground and begins to cry. Then Scout comes over, nuzzles the troubled teen in the neck and — I swear to God — sweetly licks her hand and ear.

My Memories of a Future Life

Give that horse all the awards! Okay, what else? I should probably mention that Hallie shows up and says encouraging things to Juliette and sings. There, I just rammed that detail into this recap as artfully as the show rammed her into the episode. Deacon and Jessie are still going strong. Grey Worm can't find Missandei amid the ambush, and it turns out she's with Cersei.

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The dragon falls to the water -- a sign of what's to come. While Drogon dodges arrows, dozens more are shot from Euron's fleet -- sending Dany's army into the water. Varys and Tyrion chit chat about the state of the Iron Throne -- and Dany's state of mind -- en route to King's Landing. Next up is Sam and Gilly -- who is pregnant!

'Game of Thrones': Another Major Character Dies in Episode 4

With that, Jon gives a nod to Ghost That's it? Tyrion approaches his ex-wife Sansa, begging her to get on Dany's side. The information she just learned about Jon, however, doesn't seem to be helping that happen. While she admits killing the Night King "felt better than dying," she's got other things to do. Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, sent by Cersei to kill her brothers, is finally here at Winterfell -- with a crossbow.

I'd still bet on your Dragon Queen to win. It just so happens I'm a betting man," Bronn says. Until then, don't die. It's time to head to King's Landing, but Jaime's not coming.

Instead, he'll stay at Winterfell. Now, we will win the next war. Jon and Dany are kissing cousins aunt and nephew, but things get awkward fast. After Dany approaches him in his room, Jon begins to undress, but then he stops. Don't do this please," she begs. And they are my family. We can live together," Jon responds. The Kingslayer is ready to bed Brienne, and it's the most awkwardly satisfying thing we've ever watched.

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Gendry finds Arya away from the party, practicing her archery. I don't know how to be Lord of anything. I hardly know how to use a fork. So be with me," he says, getting down on one knee. Arya kisses him back -- but she's still Arya. But I'm not a lady.

I never have been. That's not me," she replies.

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