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CSI Report No. 15 - UN Peacekeeper in Cambodia, An Interview with Major George Stueber. By Dr. Jerold E. Brown. 26 Pages. Published:
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Lawrence A. George W. Gary Bjorge.

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Research Surveys provide an overview or survey of a given subject, without claiming to be comprehensive; factual narrative in a Research Survey takes precedence over analysis. LTC Charles R.

Robert Berlin. Reports are mainly based on secondary sources and provide basic information on the subject under consideration. Because of the short-term deadlines associated with CSI Reports, they are not meant to represent a comprehensive or definitive study of the subject. Lawton Collins, Maj. Gary Bounds. Scott R. Andrew N.

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David M. Larry D. Jerold E. Patricia Rhodes. Paret and Moran.

They added that KAC administrative, financial, legal and engineering sectors were currently preoccupied with finding alternative solutions to the problem of having too many reservations on some of the grounded planes. Further, the sources said that KAC sales and marketing departments were holding intensive meetings to solve the problem of can-.

In this regard, KAC engineering sources stressed that the best solution would be renting aircraft, at the same time as upgrading the fleet. Notably, technical reports show that the average age of KAC planes is 25 years and that the Jeddah flight had had engine troubles that forced its landing at Madina airport. The sources added that the plane is already back in Kuwait after four days during which the engine was repaired. Pointing out that Touristic Enterprises has organized an open day in one of its important outlets, Al-Khairan Resort.

Zainuddin expressed his thanks and gratitude to the sponsor of the Ibrahim Taher Al-Baghli prize and members of the prize organizing committee, as well as those working with it, for choosing Al-Khairan resort for the 5th continuous year to organize this open day for residents of elders house and other elders who receive care in their houses, along with all volunteers who care for elders, which is organized by the Committee of the Good Son in Hospitals and Boy Scouts and resort visitors. Gold abundance in markets led to price decline KUWAIT: An abundant availability of the precious yellow metal in markets due to an increase of production in the mines have led gold prices to decline; the eurozone crisis has also overshadowed this drop, a specialized report said yesterday.

Investors are star ting to fear for their monetary investments after official statements from the eurozone leaders and. It went on saying that even though gold prices are facing a. GFMS Ltd was formed in August , is a leading independent precious metals consultancy specializing in global gold, silver, platinum and palladium market research. Report details citations issued for food safety, cleanliness KUWAIT: The Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality announced that the number of citations issued during the month of May in the six governorates reached citations, in addition to the administrative closure of 25 shops.

The citations included food citations, cleanliness citations, and ad citations. The statistics indicated that Farwaniya governorate came in first with citations, Ahmadi governorate with citations, Hawally governorate citations, Jahra governorate citation, capital governorate citations and, lastly, Mubarak. Al Kabeer governorate having issued 95 citations. The total number of new and renewed ads included licenses, while new and renewed health licenses were license. The issuing of engineering licenses amounted to license for new building and maintenance. The statistics reported that total imported food items during the month of May amounted to , tons, with 12 tons being re-exported and 42 tons being destroyed after importers were given the choice of re-exporting back to their origins or being destroyed.

Many visit Kuwait and are caught beg-.

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  7. Furthermore, sources said that the Interior Ministry had noticed a considerable increase in the number of visit visa applications, a few days before Ramadan. Many of the applications were rejected, especially those submitted by people who brought in visitors that were later arrested for begging or violating the law. People are selling fruits and vegetables on the main road, while on another street people are selling foodstuffs of all kinds, including subsidized goods like milk and rice.

    These projects will be finalized as per deadline. He said that the project also includes creating entry and exit points to Saad Al-Abdullah City to facilitate ease of movement without causing any traffic jam, taking into consideration how crowded that area. The newly created township are expected to be fully occupied by citizens shortly. He added that another intersection is present at Mangaf, it being one of the important intersections.

    It will be opened within a week or two. The first is to ease traffic jam by opening roads and roundabouts. He explained that there are other projects to create roads in different parts of. Talking about the Transport Authority Project, Minister Safar said that the government has created the projects as per law to establish a Public Authority for Transportation.

    He said that the project has been pending at the National Assembly Council since one year and we are waiting its approval. Undersecretary Abdulaziz Al-Kulaib said that the ministry is executing one of the most important roads projects in the state, which is Al-Qairawan intersection, while also meeting other intersections at Mangaf intersections. He pointed out that the ministry is working toward finalizing Al-Quraiwan road project by mid-September.

    SOLVED - U N Peacekeeper In Cambodia 1991 1992 By Jerold E Brown

    Al-Kulaib emphasized that those intersections will alleviate traffic snag. Tunnels and bridges will be created, in addition to creating roundabouts over and below bridges. There were graduates honored at the ceremony. Al Sharqawi conveyed the greetings of the assistant undersecretary and asked the new officers to continue to exhibit good manners and remain honest. A part of the building was razed to the ground while the remaining part jutted out precariously. The demolition was performed in the morning and the incomplete job was noticed the second day only.

    The technical rescue department responded to the call. Firefighters took swift action to contain the damage. Specialized engineers examined the ruins. No casualties were reported. Motor accidents A motorcycle accident took place on Beirut Street. A year-old Pakistani expat was injured and admitted to. Mubarak hospital. A year-old Indian woman suffered multiple injuries. She was admitted to Farwaniya hospital.

    A car accident took place in Farwaniya near Crowne Plaza traffic light. A yearold Egyptian expat fractured his shoulder and was admitted to Farwaniya hospital. He fractured his left ankle and was taken to Mubarak Hospital. Street fight A row broke out at Shuwaikh Port among a number of trailer drivers. A 69year- old Egyptian expat injured his left eye and was admitted to Al-Sabah Hospital. In Khaldiya coops, for example, the price of Nido Milk, which was around 5.

    In fact, one supermarket increased the price a month back, while another supermarket increased it two to three weeks back. The price increase also applies to other products, such as cornflakes and the likes. But according to the manager at Khaldiya Coops, even though some of their prices have increased, there are many products, mostly prime com-.

    The normal Nido milk powder, for example, costs around KD5. Earlier, representatives of various coops in Kuwait confirmed that prices will not be increased, especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Price Monitoring and Supervision Committee at the Cooperative Societies Union has laid down new regulations to tighten price controls and prevent price hikes, which will affect those with moderate incomes, especially in Ramadan. A sales agent at one of the coops also admitted that they changed prices on some of their products only last night [Monday night].

    Ramadan is expected to start on the 20th or 21st of July. Muslims fast throughout the world during Ramadan, but consumption of food items generally increase due to the culture of sharing and giving during this period. The ceremonies involve preparing eight dhows taking part in the expedition by coating the exterior with oil and tar to prevent water leaks hebbab and then painting.

    KUWAIT: An Asian expat was arrested with a large amount of jewelry and burglary tools used during thefts, as well as an undisclosed amount of drugs, according to police. Earlier, police had received several reports about home break-ins in different areas of the capital governorate. In cooperation with criminal investigators, as well as conducting intensive investigations and follow ups, officials suspected that all crimes were conducted using the same style and police believed that the same tools were used in all of the thefts.

    Detectives were able to later arrest the thief, who is an Asian expat, who was caught in the Al-Rumathiya area after searching him and the leased car he used when breaking into houses.

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    Also, police found large amounts of valuables, gold jewelry and tools used in those thefts. During an interrogation, he directed police to an apartment in Al-Shaab where he hid stolen items, which were found to match valuables from houses that reported thefts in the capital governorate. The suspect was handed over to the proper authorities, along with the stolen items. This includes mainte nence work for some mosques and the erection of an additional 93 prayerhosting tents, all equipped with the necassary security and safety reqrements, Assistant Undersecretary for Mosque Affairs Walid Issa Shuaib said in a statement.

    He added that 12 of these mosques two in each governorate will host Ramadan feasts for those who are needy and other activities.